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1. With right sides together stitch FRONT to BACK at seam 1 & 2


2. Hem sleeve ends at hem 2


3. With rights together and fold line centered

stich sleeve end of FRONT & BACK to seam 7

of SLEVE B .



   for SLEEVE B&C only


   3a. Hem hem 1 & hem 2

   3b. With rights together stitch seam 8 leaveing

   hem 1 & hem 2 open



4. Fold COLLAR at crease line rights face out and iron.



5. Stitch COLLAR to FRONT & BACK at seam 4 .

start at center back and stitch to front , it will make collar more even.



6. With rights together stitch FRONT to BACK at seam 5


This kimono has been changed from a full sized one. 2 seams have been removed and tabs have been added to make it easy to sew in such a small size,


If you would like to make a more realistic kimono fold FRONT in half and cut as 2 parts , cut back as 2 parts and remove the tabs at seam 1.2.7 & hem 2.this is the way the pink & Yellow kimono above were made.






1. Fold at crease line rights together


2. stitch edge


3.turn right side out & iron..