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Kimono pattern for ABJD

This is a beta test for the new version of the newly updated Kimono pattern.From the time it was posted Kimono has been our most downloaded pattern!  Now we are taking the past 14 years of feed back into making a new Kimono paterns.

The primary changes are

 1. New more  easy to sew sleeves.

 2. The callor has extra leanth for more forgiving fit.

 3. Sholder seams have been moved to the lower back for a more tradictional look.

 4. The SD, SD 13 and  SD13BOY are now 3 diffrent patterns.

 5. More sizes to fit the 4 major scales.

 6. Seam allowance is set for 1/4 but can be up to 3/8" maybe even larger.

 7. Obi is now a pre-tied style . (More easy to dress)


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