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This is a very easy pattern. It only has 4 seams . and is very similar to the cloak . the main difference between a robe and a cloak is a robe has sleeves.


This pattern uses a traditional tunic design often called a “T” tunic by the SCA. Basically a T shape is cut and stitched together to form sleeves and body.

This type of pattern has been used for centuries from Rome medieval Europe all the way up to British airborne troops in WWII . it has been used for every thing from a beggars shirt to a queens dress for this pattern its being used for robe.      

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Folding a double fold  ...

cloth fold



You’ll need a peace of cloth two times the height and two times the with  of  the pattern peace.


The cloth needs to be folded in froths.


Start by folding the cloth in half top to bottom.

Next fold the cloth left to right. you should now have four layers of cloth with a fold at the top and another fold along the left side.